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Sunday, 19 October 2014

How To Zip A Mac Garageband Song File And Move It To Dropbox

If you are a mac user and need to ZIP a file and send it to a Dropbox, here is how to do it in a few mouse clicks. This video use Garageband as an example as the files are huge.

If your sending a Garageband file to fixed1t for repair here is how to do it.


Friday, 4 April 2014

Recovering Damaged Garageband Song Files

Garageband, when it works is a really nice tool to use for music composition or arrangement.  A number of my users use it extensively to record audio for radio or blog and last year I worked with:

Battleship Pretension

To find a solution to their damaged Garageband issues.

At the time I created a fixer for the 8-bit error that was plaguing Garageband users, but with the recent releases of Garageband things have gotten a whole lot more complicated.  In the old days Garageband store audio files and effects as compressed 4mv files which could be in identified, tested and fixed by the fixed1t 8-bit fixer.  But now most of the files are straight aiff files, and the tasks of finding the defective files has become a lot more difficult to detect and test.

Of course there is the manual method, find the files and hand test each file till the defective one is found, but thats slow and tedious.  Whilst investigating a recent spate of errors from users, I realised and a simple data lister software I created to aid me when writing my original:

Garageband to Roland MC-808 sample converter

This is an absolute must for displaying the user audio files within Garageband.

fixed1t audio samples data lister

Here is a video showing me using it when working with the Roland MC-808.

By giving me a list of the files and all their properties in a drop down list, I can quickly spot any that are defective as I'll show in the next blog entry.

My data lister has therefore become an extremely valuable and simple tool in the search for damaged Garageband files.  Once found the damaged file can be eradicated or repaired or re-recorded.  This has saved my users much heartache by resurrecting their defective Garageband Songs.

For more details on the data lister and to purchase a copy please visit my fixed1t website page

fixed1t Audio Samples Data Lister Webpage

Thanks for reading